THONG HUNG PLASTICS TRADING  AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED was established on 10.09.2000 as a professional manufacturer of plywood HDPE, PP, HIPS, PVC, ..., La Font Taiwan, plastic doors, plastic splint , plastic pipes ... all kinds.

   THONG HUNG PLASTICS TRADING  AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED  initially is an enterprise founded in 1980 with the scale only a small production facility. Through several stages of development orientation and the company has become one of the reputable enterprises in Vietnam plastics industry.

    THONG HUNG constantly improving in terms of technology and quality. The company has strong investment as production line HDPE pipe with high technology in Korea. In late 2001 Update Hung has released new product lines such as plastic pipes tendon twisted HDPE from O150 ~ O1500mm with the special advantages of Vietnam to replace the concrete pipe heavy, has been used in the drainage system and urban industrial parks.

    In addition to the achievements in the plastic industry, beginning in 2006 the company has invested in the production line of new materials, sheet material with cement BKT Cellulose is widely used for civil engineering and industry. With the two brands is the X2 and Corrugated Sheets Cemboard BKT Greenboard Cansium Silicate.

  We apply quality management system under ISO 9001: 2008 and the staff of skilled personnel, qualified and enthusiastic is a competitive advantage Significant Update Hung marketplace. Info Hung gained high credibility of the customers at home and abroad. Info Hung has achieved the award through fairs Vietbuild nationwide, Brand Gold Cup Vietnam, the Ministry of Commerce awarded the title "Vietnam Business Prestige - Quality" for years from 2006 to present.

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